Public Relations

Media Planning

Market Research

Any Company’s social responsibility is:

· To give back to the community

· Keep customers satisfied and happy

· Project itself positively

· Communicate relevantly

· Care about governance and Environment

At Impact Africa we specialize in guiding your PR activities to help you achieve the necessary impact

Developing an effective media strategy is a science, with a dash of creativity. Before researching media Alternatives, it is vital to establish objective criteria for development of the ultimate plan. At Impact Africa, we begin the media planning cycle with a Compilation of facts assembled from our clients’ marketing management, primary and secondary research, past experience with each brand category, medium, and more.

http://localhost/iafrica/images/market_research.jpgOur marketing research objectives for Client are inherently aimed at continuous improvement. We require all marketing initiatives, whether advertising, direct mail, sales seminars or others, to provide measurable responses that can be correlated to a sale Research is intelligence – steps: Primary/ Sec/Qualitative/Quantitative Intelligence gathering & Competitor analysis and response.

Creative Strategy

Sales Promotion

Strategic Facts: Are the foundation for direction. Impact Africa prepares a series of focused statements that distill all available info on your brand, market, competition, past promotional performance, etc.—elements most relevant to brand building. Definition of Marketing Problem: This should grow from, and relate to, the strategic facts. It can be a brand, market or image problem. Impact Africa knows the best advertising is designed to solve problems. Marketing Objective: A clear, concise statement of the effect the creative platform is intended to have on the customer

An analysis of a product’s performance takes into account both surface indications and underlying problems facing the Brand. terms to consider:

1. Customer Attitudes and Buying Behaviors:

2. Brand Strategy

3. Competitive Strategy

4. Advertising Strategy

5. Trade Environment

6. Other External Factors